Introducing Samira’s Story

…and I would likeSamiras-Story to share this with you. This is Samira FA, or Sammie Baby as we call her now. She is a purebred Arabian who was saved from slaughter with a 1 week reprieve after purchase at auction. We adopted her 2 days before she would have lost that fight and been sent to slaughter. How she arrived there is not important….how many do not get saved is. Continue reading

HeARTs Speak Member

I am pleaArtist_Badge_tiltsed to announce I have been selected for membership with HeARTs Speak!

HeARTs Speak’s Mission is to create a united voice for animals through art.
The Vision of HeARTs Speak is a global community that treats animals
with compassion and respect.

Through HeARTs Speak I can offer my services as a photographer and artist to local shelters to give the public a closer look at these special animals up for adoption without the usual stereotypical views of sad animals in cages, instead bringing the animals personality out and showing the great family member/companion that awaits them!

To find out how I can help your organization email me

For more information on HeARTs Speak go to: