Workshop Overviews

Workshop Overviews* –

*if you need to have any items for the project(s) it will be noted in the description.
You can also ask for a PDF by emailing us at


Everything Spring Workshop


ART Doodling Floral – Learn the ART of Art Doodling using watercolors, watercolor pencil and markers




Optical Illusions Heart – Learn how to draw in 3-D giving the appearance of a heart come off the page. Watercolor Pencils & Markers





Flowers – Using Wire and Nail Polish make a small boutique of hand made flowers (this project is not recommended for under 10 years old)




Bug Magnets – this is a great and colorful addition to any room and useful too! – patterned paper (or painted paper) – glass stones and magnets and googly eyes



Hearts Afloat – Mixed Media on Canvas – a combo of watercolor, acrylic and markers






Alcohol Ink Heart Project – Marbleized Hearts using Alcohol ink on Paper
The using these hearts to make a unique work of art





Folk Art Style Chicks – Window Hanging – Paint, Markers,
Paper and yarn/ribbon – these chicks and eggs will get compliments when they see them hanging in your window!





Mosaic Coasters – For the Older Kids (age 10+) they will be cutting their pieces (unless parents request for precut only) – For the younger set they will use pre-cut pieces – This will be done on wood shapes (we have a variety of shapes but a limited supply, this project is on a first signed up and paid basis)



Black & Watercolor Rose – Black Glue and Watercolor make for this beautiful floral project – pick one or several roses (or other flower)
Done on Watercolor paper.





Spring Tree Perspective – Acrylic Paint on Canvas Board
Learn how to draw in perspective (looking up) at a beautiful
flowering group of trees and then paint!







Kandinsky Oil Pastel Project – learn from a master! Paint with oil pastels a wonderful spring landscape.




Animals of a Different Color – this project will use several different mediums as well as using – warm colors, cool colors and complimentary colors to finish this piece! Choose your animal, choose your medium! No two student’s projects will be the same!


Garden Art Workshop



Painted Rocks – make a wide variety of Painted Rocks to
display in your indoor or outdoor gardens!


Vegetable Markers for the Garden* – Yes Painted Rocks!  Students get to pick which ones they want to do (so parents give them what you are planting this year) We will draw and paint these unique garden markers and seal them to help them last for the season!

*Have your child pick out some good stones that are similar in shape to your crop and bring in – otherwise they will use the rocks we have here (ovals).




Mosaic Water Dish* – this can be used in your garden for bees and birds alike!

*Mosaic supplies are included – just bring in a NEW terra cotta water dish, the type that goes under pots no bigger than 6-8 inches or smaller.)

If you want your child to use old dishes broken up you will need to bring those in and not recommended for under 10 years)


Recycled Water Bottle Bird Feeders* – We will cut, paint and assemble these one-of-a-kind bird feeders! Every feeder will be different!

*Bring in 2 old 2 litter Soda Bottles with labels removed.






Custom Designed Pots* – Choose from Painted, Decoupaged or Paint Pour
*Bring in Your Pots! New Terra Cotta only please – small to medium size only. The rest of the materials will be provided.

 Chihuly inspired Wind Chimes*– We will use plastic cups and beads – markers – tree branches and fishing line to finish over this Artist inspired piece! The glasses will be melted in our desktop oven – students will not be involved other to watch them melt at a distance.  *

Each Student is asked to bring in a cool tree branch 8-12 long that we will be attaching the parts to.


Garden Spinners* – we will make these out of old CD’s – Glue Cool parts on them, cut up other cd’s and use as mosaics or just paint or marker them! They will all be unique, and we will put holes in so you can hang above your garden – the reflections will keep the birds out of your garden and your garden will be enhanced by these wonderful works of art – *bring in your old cd’s so we do not run out!

Floral Spikes for Garden – Recycled bottle caps become beautiful flowers for the garden!  Recycled Bottle Caps, Wood Skewers, paint and imagination make these great pot decorations.





Wooden Garden Markers – popsicle sticks make for these cute markers for your kid’s veggie gardens!